Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Count Down Time

Hello fellow fund-raisers and contributors -

I am in the midst of wrapping up my day, surrounded by muffins, cookies and brownies. Delicious piles of 'em! No.... I am not in the midst of binge eating, no intervention necessary here. Instead, I am busy fund-raising.

That's right - we have hit count down time to race day, September 27th. So, next Monday we kick off a bake sale sponsored by two Susan G Komen teams - Pink Cosmos and J. K. Lee Black Belt Academy. So we are loading up with sweets and opening our doors to members of the community and co-workers to join in for some treats and help to support this great cause.

As I wrap up my last set of treats here I invite you to share your creative fund-raising strategies or lend your support to this great cause through a donation to Susan G Komen. Every little bit helps...

Cheers to Survivorship!

Tara Jensen

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