Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fund-raising During Tough Times

Fund-raising is always a challenging. But this year is especially tough!

I have supported Susan G Komen for years, well before I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I fully understand the difficulty of the task at hand with each years race. Essentially you are asking people to part with their hard earned money in support of a cause. And they have no ability to dictate how their money is spent. A little uncomfortable, right? Unless you are familiar with how the charity is run it might feel akin to handing a teenager at the mall your ATM card and pin number.

Personally I have never felt this concern with Susan G Komen. I know where the money is going - it is going to help women like me.
Women who need:
  • Education and awareness of women's health issues

  • Help getting a mammogram

  • Assistance in paying for their cancer treatment

  • Advances in medical treatment options

And most importantly - Susan G Komen is all about paving the way towards a world without breast cancer.

This year we know and understand times are tough for everyone. Housing expenses are up, the job market has declined and people are looking for ways to keep their money; not give it away. But this year of all years it is incredibly important to support Susan G Komen Race for the Cure Milwaukee Affiliate - so they can help the many women (and men) affected by this disease. And remember, no donation or race participation is too small.

Please help us in rallying for this great one day we stop losing our mothers, sisters, friends and daughters. So one day we can experience a world without breast cancer.

Cheers to survivorship,


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