Thursday, October 20, 2016

Meet our Staff

Sarah is pictured above at Tunnel Beach in Dunedin, New Zealand, as part of a study abroad course called Communication and Sport.

Sarah Ea
Communications and Marketing Assistant

Hometown: St. Paul (Maplewood), MN

School: I recently graduated from Luther College in Decorah, IA last May

Major: Psychology, minor in Communication Studies

Post-graduation: I am currently serving as a member of Lutheran Volunteer Corp (LVC) in Milwaukee and will be with Komen for the next year!

Why I chose Komen: When I was contemplating about what I should do after graduation, a gap year spent volunteering in a new city seemed new and exciting, thus came LVC. I’m glad I chose to pursue LVC since I get to directly work with nonprofits, like Komen, who help educate individuals about breast health and raise awareness for breast cancer in the greater Milwaukee area. I chose Komen specifically for that reason and I’m eager to continue learning more about breast health while cultivating the Milwaukee community.

Future Plans: I am contemplating going to grad school in the future (it is unclear what for right now!) and hope to do more non-profit work in a health-related field. 

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