Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's More Than Coffee Runs

My past few months as the Marketing and Communications Intern at Susan G. Komen Southeast Wisconsin was more than just going to fetch a grande non-fat no-whip iced whatever. In fact, I never went on a coffee run, except maybe for myself when I needed a Monday pick me up.

While my passion for marketing began at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, I was able to find another passion this summer, helping people connect to Komen and its mission: a world without breast cancer.

Working on several projects like, the After Party for the Cure, City in Pink campaign, and tackling Komen’s social media outlets, allowed my passion for this cause to grow. I witnessed this passion everywhere. From the excitement of Amberlea booking another Kohl’s Conversation for the Cure event, to Nikki gaining another Race sponsorship, the desire to bring about change in Milwaukee was evident everyday. I quickly learned my decision to go pink and bring a little testosterone to an office of five women, was so worth it.

Komen has brought me valuable connections, brand and event marketing skills, and learning what it feels like to really have a passion for what you do. While I may have never witnessed a drive-thru window to grab that grande coffee concoction, I witnessed the 15,000 faces that Komen inspired on Race day, and that made the entire internship so worthwhile.

To learn more about Komen Southeast Wisconsin head to: or email: to discover available internship opportunities.

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