Thursday, November 1, 2012

Survivor Spotlight: Linda's Story

In 2009, Linda found a lump through a self-breast exam. She was immediately in denial, believing that the lump would soon go away. She instead focused on her daughter’s pregnancy and stowed the thoughts of the lump in the back of her mind. After months of hoping the lump would go away, she decided to see her doctor. She was diagnosed with cancer after having her first mammogram at 60-years-old. Linda was stage 3- with 38 lymph nodes, 8 being cancerous. As the side effects took over her body, Linda worked hard to fight them off, which caused her to be hospitalized for nine days. 

Because of her loss of strength, Linda was unable to work, which led her to struggle financially. Through the support of her friends, many fundraisers, and Susan G. Komen, Linda was provided with the services to help her stay in her home. She stated, “I was never a sickly person so this was all new to me” regarding the continuous support she was receiving, from people she referred to as her angels. Linda received grants through local soccer teams, Antonio Freeman of the Green Bay Packers, and Channel 6’s Pay it Forward program.

Today, Linda still suffers from the side effects including neuropathy in her hands and feet, chemo brain, and lymphedema in her right arm. Despite all of the struggles and negativity that comes with the terrible disease, Linda says “my life today is better for going through this cancer. I was given so much joy through all of this and I have learned how to give back to others.” Her strength, courage, and caring abilities are incredible examples of the qualities the women of Susan G. Komen possess.

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