Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week of Celebration

As we all say goodbye to July and the summer is official more than 1/2 over seems like the mode of anticipation is winding down and the dread of oncoming winter has begun. At least for me a native Virginian it has!!

This week came with some big surprises - 1st my doula (birth coach) who helped deliver my son, helped deliver a baby on the freeway this week! Welcome Cynthia Freeway and congratulations for the successful delivery Wendy! 2nd one of my dear friends who has been supporting her mother through a breast cancer experience announced her mother's surgery and scans produced FREE and CLEAR results! So congratulations to Tricia and her family.

This serves as a great reminder that life comes with many ups and downs - moments of fear and concern - but then moments of celebration arise and carry us forward. Please celebrate this week in honor of friends Wendy and Tricia and those that they care for.

Check out these important pages:

Susan G Komen Research in Milwaukee:

My Susan G Komen Race for the Cure site:

Grab a glass of wine - cheers to survivorship!


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